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Essential Oils for Depression

Depression-feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, disappointment, and more. Depression can happen to anyone, any age, and there are many causes. Some possibly causes include the loss of a family member, health, relationship, finances, or others. There may be a chemical imbalance in the brain. The individual may feel hopelessly lonely. It can last for a few weeks, or a few months, or even years.

Depression is considered emotional but can have many physical side effects like headaches, body pains, digestive problems, exhaustion and fatigue, sleeping problems, changes in appetite or weight, and more. In addition to seeking professional and medical support, essential oils can be a supportive aide in this recovery.

Clinical depression is defined as having five or more of the below symptoms:

•Significant weight loss or gain

•Depressed mood most of the day or every day

•Insomnia or sleeping too much

•Slowed thinking and movement that is obvious to others

•Extreme fatigue

•Feelings of guilt/worthlessness


•Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

Essential oils can help alleviating depression. When we inhale air molecules (which carry the odoriferous molecules of an essential oil), the molecules adhere to Olfactory nerve endings and stimulate them. The stimuli goes straight to the limbic system and the response is instant-this is essential oil therapy, and this is why treating an emotional issue such as a depression can be so effectively done with essential oils.

Depression can often come with feelings of worthlessness or self-guilt. Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend can help you let go of anger, guilt, and self-loathing. The blend contains Melissa, an uplifting, lemon scented natural anti-depressant, to help move the spirit. Vetiver, also an important element, is very grounding while Sage, a smudge or cleanser of old energy, helps make room for forgiveness. Rosewood helps clear room for compassion and grace, whether the forgiveness that needs to take place is one of the self or forgiveness for others. The Frankincense in the blend helps to aid in understanding of self and others, while Sandalwood aids in seeing events/people spiritually and understanding forgiveness. If forgiveness of self or others is a hurdle in helping your depression, Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend can be supportive in this process.

Shop our pure essential oils, blends and lotions which can support depression recovery in addition to professional and medical treatment.