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8 Simple DIY Cleaners with Essential Oils

8 Simple DIY Cleaners with Essential Oils

8 Simple DIY Cleaners with Essential OilsMaking DIY cleaners with essential oils is wonderful for so many reasons:  it is less expensive, you can make them when you are almost out, and you know what is in the cleaner you are cleaning with!* Below find 8 new DIY cleaners to add to your natural cleaning arsenal.

We recommend these top oils when making cleaners with essential oils:

Bandits Blend, Lemon, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender.

Deodorize Trash

Put a few drops of lemon essential oil onto a cotton ball and drop it into the bottom of your trash can before you put in a new trash bag. The lemon oil will help neutralize odor from your garbage!

Deodorize the Fridge

Eliminate odors in your fridge and keep it smelling fresh with lemon essential oil and baking soda! Just add 15 drops of lemon oil to a small box of baking soda and store it in your fridge.  Your fridge will smell fresh for a whole month!

Eliminate Food Odors

Is last night’s dinner smell still lingering around your kitchen? Use lemon essential oil to freshen up the air, Just set a small pot of water on your stovetop, bring it it a boil, and add a few drops of lemon essential oil to the simmering water. Voila!  Fresh and clean smelling kitchen.

Glass Cleaner SprayCleaners with Essential Oils

For bright, shiny mirrors and glass tables – in a spray bottle add 1 1/2 cups water, 1 1/2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol, and 3 drops of your favorite essential oil OR 1 teaspoon lavender essential oil1 teaspoon tea tree essential oil OR 2 teaspoons Bandits Essential Oil Blend.

Fabric Refresher

Add 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup vodka (or rubbing alcohol), and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.  This is great for freshening up linens, rugs, etc.  Be sure to be careful spraying around your pets.  Research what oils to avoid for you dog or cat.

Nightly Sink Scrub

Add 2 cups baking soda, 20 drops essential oil (lemon + clove bud are a favorite) in a mason jar.  After dinner is done sprinkle the mixture in your sink along with a squirt of  dish soap and wipe down your sink (s).  Your sink will sparkle and smell fresh and clean.  Store the mixture for use each night.

All Purpose Disinfecting Spray

Add 1 1/4 cups water,  1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup vodka or rubbing alcohol, and 15 drops of your favorite essential oil to a spray bottle.

Freshen Up Your Car

Is the air in your car is feeling a little stale? You can make a quick “air freshener” with your favorite essential oil. Add a few drops of your favorite oil to a cotton ball, then clip the cotton ball to your cars air vents. Tip: Try peppermint essential oil, it has the added benefit of keeping you more alert while driving.

We hope you enjoy making these DIY cleaners with essential oils.  You can also Download our free ebook, 32 Magical Ways to Use Essential Oils for Home and Health, containing several tips for cleaning with essential oils.

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