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Rose Absolute Oil for DIY Beauty Products

Rose Absolute Oil for DIY Beauty Products

Rose absolute oil for DIY beauty products can help you wake up and smell the roses…literally! Rose absolute oil can be used for a variety of therapeutic purposes—the smell alone lifts the spirit and refreshes the mind.*

Rose Absolute Oil Uses and BenefitsRose absolute oil is great for those with sensitive skin.* Many people have sensitivity to the alcohols and hybrid oils of different plants and flowers found in many mainstream body mists, sprays, and perfumes, and this oil is a great replacement. Dab on pulse points where you would normally apply perfume and enjoy all day long.

Historically, women used natural oils in their skincare. Mix a drop of rose absolute oil in with your nighttime moisturizer—it adds a healthy glow and evens skin tone, helping skin look younger and healthier — and also lightens scarring, including acne scars.* If you have dry or oily skin, don’t shy away from essential oils, either, as they benefit both conditions!* Harsh commercial skincare products can strip the skin of its natural oils, so using essential oils instead is the gentle, nourishing way to pamper your skin.

Mist your pillow with Rose absolute oil before bed—it’s like falling asleep in a fragrant bed of roses! It’s also a mood booster that relieves sadness, depression, and anger.* Try Rose absolute oil for DIY beauty products, too, (face cream, soap, lotion, etc.) for deep skin replenishment.

by Tiffany Soriano

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