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Essential Oils for Insomnia and Sleep

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Essential Oils for Insomnia and Sleep

Essential oils for insomnia and sleep cannot cure insomnia but help calm and relax you before bedtime. Lack of sleep or insomnia can be brought on by hectic lifestyles, stress, depression, physical illness and working unusual schedules. If you have an ongoing, serious sleep disorder, see a health professional to gain treatment for the root cause of your insomnia.

Essential Oils for Insomnia and Sleep – Techniques

Cotton Ball by Bedside: Add a drop of lavender essential oil to a tissue or cotton ball and place that near your pillow at bedtime. Another essential oil that possesses sedating properties is clary sage essential oil


Bath: Bathing is a wonderful way to relax, but as hot water can increase circulation, plan to finish your bath ritual an hour before sleep. Adding salts to the bath helps relax muscles which can help you to relax. Adding lavender essential oil or clary sage essential oil to a carrier oil or to the bath water will help induce sleep.

DIY Sleep Massage Oil: Massage oil for feet and legs which will help induce sleep

Healthful Tips For Sleeping

Exercise Regularly:  Exercise eliminates toxins, improves health and will help you to get to sleep better at bedtime.  Talk to your doctor before starting a new health or exercise program.

Avoid Eating Before Bedtime:  Unless you have diabetes or a health issue that may require you to eat right before bedtime, avoid doing so. Carbohydrates, spicy foods and foodstuffs with caffeine are especially prone to making it hard to fall asleep easily.

Avoid Stress Before Bedtime:  Spend the last hour before bedtime unwinding and doing something that you find relaxing.

Tuning Out Noise:   Mask noises by playing soothing music.  Use a natural noise machine which plays soothing natural sounds such as ocean waves or rain. Or use ear plugs. 

Tuning Out Light:  Use window treatments which mask all light.

Tea for Sleep:  Some herbal teas using botanicals have a natural sedative effect.  Teas containing chamomile tea, passion flower or valerian are considered relaxing and to help encourage sleep.

Avoid:  Massages except foot and leg massage.  Avoid stimulating essential oils such as:  cypress, rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, peppermint.