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Essential Oils to Calm Anger - Anger Aromatherapy

12 Best Essential Oils for Anger

Essential Oils to Calm Anger - Anger Aromatherapy

Essential oils to calm anger are good to keep on hand. Unexpressed anger can result in chronic symptoms and conditions. Tiredness, apathy, concentration issues, back and shoulder aches and pains, intestinal problems, rashes and other skin problems, and more. It’s also a lead cause of dangerously high blood pressure and a rise in the likelihood of a stroke. Anger is an important aspect of our psychological well-being, yet it’s often socially wrong to express or let go of anger.

The trick is to keep balanced. There’s nothing wrong with the emotion of anger, but having so much that it’s constantly getting you into trouble is a bad thing and often happens when it gets bottled up.

There are three categories for essential oils to help aid with anger issues: calming down anger, coping with anger, and releasing anger.

Calming Down Anger

Before we are able to really deal with anger at the source, we must first calm down long enough that we can look at the heart of the matter. Some great essential oils that help with calming down anger are:

Coping With Anger

Essential oils are a great asset to have when coping with anger, but it’s important to remember that there are other lifestyle changes that will also help—such as yoga, deep breathing exercises, counseling, punching a cushion instead of a face, etc. Find what works for you and work with it. Essential oils are a safe, effective way of learning to cope with your anger. Some great essential oils that help cope with anger are:

Releasing Unexpressed Anger

In a society where we are expected to bite our tongue and swallow our anger, it’s important to be able to release anger safely. Some great essential oils that benefit the release of unexpressed anger are:

If anger or resentment are a chronic issue, try Purification Body Mind Lotion which contains pure essential oils for anger, Bach flower essences and artisan gem elixirs.

Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT Tapping is powerful to repattern emotions, especially when combined with Purification lotion and/or other essential oils. Download our free EFT Tapping Script for Anger.