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Puffy Eyes Essential Oil Blend

Puffy Eyes Essential Oil Blend

Puffy Eyes Essential Oil BlendWhether the cause of your puffy eyes is lack of sleep; one too many drinks at the holiday party; allergies; or crying throughout your favorite sappy movie – they’re not attractive!

Essential Oils That Help Puffy Eyes

Rather than spending as much as $100 (or more!) for fancy department store eye creams and serums, why not make your own puffy eyes essential oil blend with safe, natural ingredients that have powerful properties that can really improve eye puffiness?*

This puffy eyes essential oil blend contains the following essential oils to help make you look awake and alert again (even if you don’t feel it!):

Thyme: Helps blood flow by stimulating circulation; anti-inflammatory properties.*

CypressAstringent that helps tighten up the skin.*

Tea TreeStimulates blood flow; powerful antioxidant that helps skin with its anti-aging properties.*

Bergamot: Anti-inflammatory and very affordable.*

Frankincense: A calming, cleansing oil. Frankincense can actually cleanse lymph nodes if it’s rubbed on them. So, something similar happens when it’s put under puffy eyes – it reduces the puffiness.*

Roman ChamomileAnti-inflammatory properties; promotes smooth, healthy skin.*

Rose: Anti-inflammatory and commonly used for skin care. Rose, however, can be pricey.*

Sweet Almond Oil: Nourishes the skin with vitamin E, proteins, and amino acids; soothes irritation and inflammation.*

Puffy Eyes Essential Oil Blend Recipe

This recipe gives you the option of using the oils you want, in the combination you choose. A suggestion is to choose four oils from the list below, and use 5 drops each for your blend, for a total of 20 drops.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.