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Pretty Florals Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

Pretty Florals Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

Pretty Florals Essential Oil Perfume RecipesDo you love the smell of fresh flowers in Spring? I love taking a walk outside when the aromas from the flowering plants and trees fill the air! It’s a wonderful reminder that the winter cold is gone for the year (or at least almost!), and marks the beginning of the warmer months (my favorite time because I’m not a fan of dreary days; cold; and snow).

Florals Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural oils that are typically obtained by distillation. They have the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which they are extracted. Essential oils’ natural aromas are usually divided into eight categories: Citrus; herbaceous; camphoraceous; spicy; resinous; woody; earthy; and last but not least – floral. 

The floral category includes the following essential oils: Chamomile; Geranium; Jasmine; Lavender; Neroli; Rose; and Ylang Ylang.

The following pretty florals essential oil perfume recipes are fresh and aromatic scents you can use in the Spring to complement all the amazing floral scents existing in their original plant forms. Or, use these scents year ’round as a reminder that Spring is always around the corner!

Pretty Florals Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

Floral Energizer Fragrance

Pour Witch Hazel and Distilled Water in a glass jar. Add essential oils with dropper (be sure to clean the dropper with rubbing alcohol before dipping it in a new essential oil). Secure lid on glass jar and shake gently, but thoroughly. Transfer the mixture to a dark glass bottle and seal tightly.

Use this fragrance as an after shower body splash in the morning or whenever you want to feel energized. Carry a small bottle of fragrance with you in your purse to re-energize you throughout the day!

Richly Floral Fragrance

Use a mini funnel to mix this recipe in a roller on bottle. Seal the bottle and shake gently, but thoroughly. Carry in your purse or pocket to use throughout the day. 

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