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How to Use the Law of Attraction & Essential Oils

How to Use the Law of Attraction & Essential Oils

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How to Use the Law of Attraction & Essential Oils

You’re listening to the Law of Attraction radio network. The secret to well-being is discovering the power that is your birthright, the power to create a happier, healthier life drawn from our own vast internal resources. Join Jewels and her guests as they gently guide you to shift your perspective from the familiar negative to the divinely connected. A place that will not only positively impact your world but possibly shift the planet. It’s all right here on Law of Attraction Talk Radio.

Jewels Johnson: Well, welcome to Law of Attraction Talk Radio. I’m Jewels from beautiful Southern California and I’m so glad you could be with me tonight because really, this is a tremendous show. We are going to be talking about aromatherapy, essential oils, and things that can benefit not only your health, but your mental abilities and your mental well-being. Beyond that, we’re going to be talking about how these essential oils combined with other oils can actually help you to manifest and to create a whole different reality. We are going to be talking about the essential oils combination that can bring you money, can bring you opportunities.

There are essential oils that can bring you joy and you know that joy is where you need to be because that’s where your vibration is high enough that you can fully manifest and start creating the life that you want. You can’t create a life from stress because all you’re going to get back is more stress. So you have to create life by being in this absolutely phenomenal place of well-being because the higher vibration is, the higher your results will be. It’s all about essential oils tonight. I am so excited to introduce you to Lezlie Cebulski who is a Reiki master, an EFT specialist, and a naturopathic doctor. She has literally come up with these formulas that can totally change your life.

I am absolutely delighted to have her on the show tonight. Without further ado, and after this wonderful commercial about Law of Attraction Magazine, that’s featuring Dr. Michael Beckwith and actually Neale Donald Walsch, we’re going to get into some real practicalities on how you can use these oils and very simply, very easily, that is going to make a total difference in your life, so stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

Jewels Johnson: Well, welcome Lezlie Cebulski to Law of Attraction Talk Radio. I am so delighted to talk about this favorite subject of mine which I think everybody needs to know about. I’m delighted to have you on the show today.

Lezlie Cebulski: Thank you, Jewels. It’s my pleasure.

Jewels Johnson: You have a very interesting background. I want to have you fill in the listeners as to how you got started in the essential oils business.

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, I’ve always been interested in alternative medicine and alternative healing. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and later in 2005, I had finished my education as a traditional naturopath and I started a private holistic practice in 2005. Mostly in the beginning it had focused on detoxification, dietary supplements, but within about a year it became clear to me, particularly with my background in psychology, in my education in psychology, that really, most of the clients that were coming to me for physical issues really had a lot of emotional healing that needed to be done. They had a lot of trauma, disappointment, sadness, and grief.

I know it became clear to me that unless they were dealing with a lot of that emotional background stuff, a lot of their physical ailments would not heal up very quickly. I began to look around and I got interested at first at tapping emotional freedom technique and I went through Gary Craig’s program in 2006. I started doing EFT and tapping, but how I got involved in the essential oils is that it was some of my toughest cases. I would get a lot of good results with the supplements and the tapping and very quickly, I had a lot of people coming to me basically for alternative mental health techniques.

What was really interesting is I had a lady that came to me and she was amazing. She was in her 90s. She lived alone. She drove herself, was very cognitive and aware. She still is interested in getting over some of the trauma that she’d had as a child. She was an orphan in Alabama in the 1930s. She’s African-American and you can imagine being an orphan back in the deep south in the ’30s that her life was really, really traumatic. She shared a lot with me and she actually did well for herself. She went and got a master’s degree in social work, but there were some things that happened that she never really felt like she could let go of. We tried some tapping, she got some results and we did some other things. She was just so dedicated in this stage of her life.

I really wanted to help her so I started looking into all sorts of things that could help her. What I realized was the power of aromatherapy in terms of stimulating the limbic system and preparing the brain and the body for emotional release. I started bringing in lots of different things and verifying it with muscle testing and applying it to her. She was just amazed and so I brought that in as well as Bach flower essences, the essential oils, and Bach flower essences. It was amazing.

how to use the law of attraction & essential oils

Stress Relief Lotion to Clear Emotional Blocks to Attracting what you Want!

Within about three or four sessions between that and the tapping, she said that all her life she could never speak up for herself. She started talking to people and really standing up for herself for the first time, in 90 plus years and that she had always felt really choked in the throat chakra area. She actually was hypothyroid too. Just the transformation in her was really exciting so I started to combine and compound essential oils, Bach flower essences and lotions and so forth. Prior to the tapping for my clients and just had great results. Over a few years, my clients and I had a lot of good results, but I basically saw a lot of the same patterns.

As clients would move on or move away, a lot of them had asked me, “Is there a way that I can get what you make for me in the office?” That’s how Bio Source Naturals was born as I started putting those products online for the greater good and a greater audience, but also to help my clients.

Jewels Johnson: How wonderful. Basically, it goes under the premise that the emotions are what trigger the pain and the discommunication [sic] between the mind and the body. It stops the mind body communication. It’s really the emotions that create the illness.

Lezlie Cebulski: I believe so. I do believe that that is true and a lot of the work that I’ve done with my clients has shown that, that once they were able to release a lot of negative emotion, the body was free to heal itself. Sometimes the body speaks when emotions are too buried and the person is unable to speak their truth. Maybe they’re not able to because the circumstances when they were younger or their current circumstances and they start to manifest physical symptoms.

Jewels Johnson: Right. Interesting.

Jewels Johnson: Now with essential oils, how does it work? I mean you’re smelling the oils or you’re putting it on your skin, and in some cases, you’re actually putting drops of it in your mouth, but how does it affect the brain enough to allow you to– Is it by memories of certain smells? I don’t understand how it really works.


Lezlie Cebulski: Well, essential oils actually three ways. They help physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Physically, I’ll just stop there because how we feel physically has a lot to do with how we generally feel overall. I mean, if we’re in pain or we’re sick, it’s hard to feel good or positive. Physically, most of the essential oils have chemical constituents that are very beneficial to the body. Some of them support the immune system. Others have an anti-inflammatory properties. Lots of them are physical healing there. Then spiritually, they are high frequency or high vibrational products being with the essential oil of a plant. Actually, when you’re applying them to the body or diffusing them and smelling them, they raise the vibration of you spiritual and used since ancient times in spiritual practices. How to help emotionally, the molecules of the essential oils when they’re diffused or put on the body are very tiny. They go into the olfactory system and there’s, I believe, 800,000,000 nerve endings. It ends with the olfactory bulb which then simulates the limbic system where a lot of emotional memory is stored. It doesn’t really release emotions but it of like rain that gets soil wet so that it’s easier to release and repattern negative emotions.

Jewels Johnson: That makes so much sense.

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, and since ancient times, certain plants and certain scents are connected with different emotions. For example, if you’re looking for something that would be purifying, you’re probably looking at lemon which is also uplifting. It’s also correlated also too interesting by the color of the plant and the chakra system. There’s so much raw energy and vibration, so are the plants. However, the plant has specific purposes for healing our body, mind, and spirit.

Jewels Johnson: Absolutely. Boy, you explained that so perfectly and I’ve always wondered that.

Lezlie Cebulski: Thank you.

Jewels Johnson: There are certain plants, like you said, like lavender is for sleep. It calms you down. Or in times of stress, there’s peppermint, which happens to be one of my favorites. It just allows you to start breathing. It’s like, “Oh my goodness.” It’s just so refreshing and then there’s the oldest one I think that I know about is frankincense which really does tremendous things for the body. There’s one girl, I was watching that cancer movie with Ty Bollinger, that one girl took a drop or two drops of frankincense in the morning and in the evening and it totally dissolved her brain tumor. There’s been incredible results with that.

Lezlie Cebulski: There have been a lot of amazing results that people testify to with the use of essential oils. Of course, being a responsible company and practitioner, I don’t tout any of these things to cure cancer, but there certainly have been studies and testimonies of people that have used them and have had great results. Frankincense is also in our Courage and Clarity lotion as it’s traditionally used to help enhance self-esteem and self-worth.

Jewels Johnson: Interesting. Wow. There’s groups or combinations that you can put together to help with weight loss, to help with certain things. Inflammation, like you said, which I’ve got to check out that myself. There’s so many different things, but it’s the combination of the oils that tend to be very powerful but individual, not everybody needs it all.

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes. Well, definitely. Just like in herbalism, essential oils are synergistic. They’re definitely more powerful in combination with other oils than alone usually, but we are all individuals. We have individual history and that’s why as a practitioner, I always verified things from muscle testing and not everything always worked for the same person, but I thought the combination of the essential oils and the tapping is usually just is like tapping on steroids. I just really think the combination is fantastic.

Jewels Johnson: For our listeners out there, and many of them are international, those people can actually do their own muscle testing by a forward or back- standing up and going forward a back, asking a question. Is that correct?

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, there’s a couple techniques and yes, that is definitely one where you can hold something basically in front of your midsection or torso and ask, “Is this good for me?” Or, “Will this help me?” If that’s a yes, then you will start to lean forward. If it’s no, then you’ll lean backwards. This is a little bit more of a technique, but you can actually use the finger technique and I often do that. At this point, my intuitions developed so much that I really don’t need to do muscle testing, but I continue to do it with clients just because they needed to see it for their own verification and understanding.

Jewels Johnson: Sure, when they go to your site and want to know what’s going on with them and what oils that they should be picking up, they could do the muscle testing themselves.

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, they can. Actually, you can muscle test and just ask at by the name, is stress relief lotion going to help me? Is it going to help me with this issue and muscle test that way?  

Jewels Johnson: That’s exactly what I wanted to hear because I do believe we each have the answers within us but we don’t trust ourselves so that we go to other people, but I think that your products are exactly what can help people immediately. It’s so, so powerful.

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, I’ve seen a lot of good results.

Jewels Johnson: But, okay now, we’re going to go into what the show is all about. You put combinations together which can help people to accomplish their goals, their dreams, that manifest something at a faster speed. I love this concept, but I don’t understand it and that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to have you on. Explain it to me because this is what is so important to our audience. Of course, health is, but manifesting, explain how this happens. The floor is yours. [laughs]

Lezlie Cebulski: Okay. All right, there’s just a couple of concepts we touched on that I think I just want to get some clarity on before I go further. As we all know, when you’re really trying to intentionally manifest what you want, it’s important to feel good. It’s always important to feel the best that you can. It’s essential, basically, to feel physically well as you can by taking care of yourself and essential oils are definitely a part of that, but it’s sometimes difficult to stay in that place of joy if you’re burdened with past emotional trauma or disappointment, sadness, grief. It’s essential basically to, so to speak, pull all those weeds out before you can really just fly and focus on what you want instead of being dragged down. You can always do your best to focus on the positive but it’s much more difficult if you’re feeling burdened by negative memories and that sort of thing.

Jewels Johnson: I just want to clarify that the negative memories we have may be coming down through our DNA, through our parents, through their parents.

Lezlie Cebulski: True.

Jewels Johnson: It’s just not an individual that we’re carrying the baggage for. We’re carrying the baggage for our ancestors.

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, absolutely and that’s why I made a blend called Clearing Generational Patterns.

Jewels Johnson: Really?

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, I have that blend. That’s available in a concentrate for defusing or diluting with the carrier oil if it’s applied to the skin. It’s in a roll-on as well as a spray that has added to it a gem elixir, which is a flower essence that helps clear up generational patterns. It has a quartz crystal in it to amplify results and it comes with its own EFT tapping script. Yes, I’ve got that covered and I’ve used that myself.

Jewels Johnson: Wow.

Lezlie Cebulski: I think it’s transformed me in a lot of ways. A lot of things, when clients would come to me, they were dealing with lots of things, divorce, recovery, or death of a parent and of course, that’s a process to go through, but there are ways to rid yourself of the residuals so that you don’t feel like you’re carrying around baggage for the rest of your life. That’s where a lot of these things came in. A couple of things that I put together. This is a pretty popular one, Purification. This is for body mind remedy lotion. This is Stress Relief and this is Courage and Clarity.

Jewels Johnson: Can I see that Courage and Clarity? Could you hold that up again?

Lezlie Cebulski: Sure.

Jewels Johnson: I think it was out of the frame. There we go.

Lezlie Cebulski: Is that good?

Jewels Johnson: Yes.

Lezlie Cebulski: Okay, then here’s Open Heart.

Jewels Johnson: There you go.

Lezlie Cebulski: These four products I think are most unique and interesting products. They’re the ones that came most directly out of my holistic practice. They are organic aloe and sunflower seed lotion base. They absorb really quickly into the skin and they have Bach flower essences that correspond to the different chakras and meridians in the body and those particular emotional issues. I’ll explain that in a second.

With essential oils that are for specific emotions, they also contain gem elixirs which I make at sunrise at the Great Lake Huron here. All of these things come together and then we actually color charge them too for that energy which is good for the aura and the chakras and so forth. An example, like stress relief is something that is applied to the shoulders and the neck. It’s basically for people that feel overburdened, overwhelmed with a lot of responsibility. Sometimes they may take on more of their fair share of responsibility. You really need to break that pattern so that they can have more joy in their life. We all know that more joy in our lives is what is–

Jewels Johnson: It gets you to that place where you can manifest.

Lezlie Cebulski: Exactly, that’s kind of the long way to explain what I mean. The Stress Relief contains ylang ylang and orange essential oils, and then five different Bach flower essences, and then gem elixirs of aquamarine, and quartz crystal to amplify the results. It is applied twice a day. With the EFT, you start to feel free. I’m responsible for my stuff. I’m not responsible for the whole world and so when you’re free of those type of patterns, you’re able to really focus on what I want, what I want for myself, how do I manifest, and you’re less distracted in terms of being responsible for everyone.

That’s an example of how the body-mind remedy lotion frees you up from not only a specific problem, but also an emotional pattern which gets in the way of manifesting.

Jewels Johnson: Yes, I’ve just got a comment on that because a lot of my clients will come to see me and I asked, “What do you want? What do you want?” And they cannot tell me because they are so concerned about what everyone else that they never stop to think about themselves. This is extremely necessary. You have just brought in another way where they can just slow down, relax, get rid of the stress, and focus on themselves. That is extremely important, not only for their mental health, but for their physical health as well.

Lezlie Cebulski: Sure, because a lot of people with this emotional pattern tend to overwork themselves. There’s a Bach flower essence that covers that as well.

Jewels Johnson: Beautiful. I love that. That is so great.

Lezlie Cebulski: It’s color charged blue which is for the throat chakra. A lot of times, people can’t speak up for themselves that’s why they tend to overwork or be responsible. They can’t say no. The blue light energy helps with being able to open up the throat and connect the mind and the heart.

Jewels Johnson: Interesting. Your products then, you could go by the color. If it’s green, it’s for the heart or for the– Right?

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes.

Jewels Johnson: Man, does that make things easier.

Lezlie Cebulski: Exactly.

Jewels Johnson: I love that.

Lezlie Cebulski: It does.

Jewels Johnson: I love that. Open Heart, of course. Green, yes. Brilliant, brilliant.How to Use the Law of Attraction & Essential Oils

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, it’s charged green and the purification and the Courage and Clarity are charged yellow, yellow-green for solar plexus. The one is for resentment, anger, the Purification which is applied on the right side, liver and gallbladder. The other is Courage and Clarity which is applied by the spleen and that really has helped a lot of people with obsessive worry patterns. It’s got an essential oil in it with ginger root which I used a lot in my practice. When people had like obsessive compulsive type thought patterns, they just couldn’t let anything go even though they wanted to, and the ginger root really helps with that; ginger root essential oil.

Jewels Johnson: Your oils then go in through the skin. Are we able to smell it at all? Does it with a heat?

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, you can definitely smell it and over a few hours it starts to dissipate, but it’s a pleasant scent. What I’ve kind of found that’s an interesting thing where if you really need it, you either really love it or you really hate it. Sometimes people that really need it aren’t such a fan of the scent but they need that.

Jewels Johnson: That makes sense. I could see where that would be true with the anger and the rage and everything. That would be very uncomfortable to get your body to release from that because the anger and rage is so familiar and it’s like, “What am I going to do without it? It’s like my protection.”

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, right and that’s common in detoxification. Sometimes things get a little more uncomfortable before they get better. Why they work hand in hand so well with the EFT tapping scripts that I wrote for each product, is that the aromatherapy lays the groundwork for the release and then the tapping actually helps break up that mind-body pattern of obsessive thought or the sting of something of a relationship that’s ended, lots of different circumstances people have gone through.

Jewels Johnson: Interesting. Go over that again because I’ve been having a lot of clients for grief. What is the product for grief?

Lezlie Cebulski: The product for grief is Open Heart.

Jewels Johnson: It is Open Heart. Okay, because you’re holding it.

Lezlie Cebulski: Right, they apply it to their chest area morning and night. Let’s see. It has a rose quartz in it and a ling-ling, sweet majoram, cypress, and– Let’s see what else. I haven’t looked at this in a while. It has several different Bach flower essences. One for grief particularly is Star of Bethlehem, that’s certainly good for grief and shock, it’s color charge green and it also has, I think, the flower essence of oak in it which helps, you just stay strong, in a strong state. That’s really been a common one that was used in my practice and a lot of results. I used it myself after my dad passed a couple of years ago and I think it really, really helped me maintain my overall perspective and move me through that grief process without so much pain.

Jewels Johnson: Yes, so many people stay in grief for a couple of years. If you can move yourself through it at a faster speed– Wow.

Lezlie Cebulski: Right, and it’s less disruption on your life and I think it was a lot of key to my managing my life during that time.

Jewels Johnson: Wow.

Lezlie Cebulski: It helped me a lot personally.

Jewels Johnson: That sounds, “Boy, I’m going to get some lotions,” that’s for sure, but what other kind of things do you have? Do you have oils that you can put into diffusers?

Lezlie Cebulski: We do. A couple of our most popular ones, specifically for manifesting, is Money Magnet. By far, for manifesting, Money Magnet. Can you see that?

Jewels Johnson: Right, yes. Bring it in. Maybe closer to your face.

Lezlie Cebulski: Right.

Jewels Johnson: Closer to you. Okay, there you go. Okay good.

Lezlie Cebulski: Okay, we’ve got Money Magnet and this is a combination of several essential oils that are good for a fresh perspective, for positivity. It has a nice, fresh scent that isn’t particularly feminine or masculine. We sell this on our website as well as on Amazon. You can go on Amazon. The Money Magnet roll-on which is pre-diluted and it’s safe for skin contact. You don’t have to use a carrier oil.

Jewels Johnson: That makes it easy.

Lezlie Cebulski: Right, I travel. When I travel, I usually travel with the roll-ons. They’re already pre-diluted. You can put them in your pocket purse. Your little airline, ziplock bag. I travel with these and then of the concentrate is something you can put in a diffuser. It’s probably the most economical. You can use your own carrier oil if you wanted to put it or put it in a lotion if you’re going to apply it to your skin, but my favorite that I apply personally every morning is the Money Magnet Spray.

The spray has the essential oil blend in it but it also has additional gem elixirs in it and some flower essences that amplify that in terms of manifesting abundance. Then we put a quartz crystal in it which also amplifies the energy of the spray. I use that all over myself everyday.

Jewels Johnson: So you spray it all over or in a particular area?

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, with Money Magnet, I usually spray it on my torso and sometimes around the root chakra area, towards the hips. Then the second one that’s really good for manifesting is Joy. Joy is available in a concentrate for defusing or cutting with carrier oil. It also is in a pre-diluted roll-on for convenience and then again, it has a spray with the essential oil blend and the gem elixirs and the quartz crystal. Joy is something I kind of mist all over the top by my crown chakra because I want to open up my my life and the source and so that I just have joy coming down. That I think is a great way for me to start my day.

It’s a very fresh and lemony kind of scent but it has sort of an underlying relaxed scent too. It’s not too strong or overpowering.

Jewels Johnson: Well, so you could actually use a lot of the sprays and the roll-ons and everything? You’re not just required to use one.

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, it’s up to personal preference but I usually start my day where I’ll spray protection on my feet and mist my back and I spray a little Money Magnet and some Joy. Then I’ll usually spray another product called Divine on the top of my head too. Honestly, I get compliments all the time about how I smell. People ask me, “What are you wearing?” And sometimes I have time to explain and sometimes I don’t. It’s really up to a personal preference. They’re light scents and sometimes you can dab a little different ones in different areas.

One of our best-selling products is actually Focus for kids that have a lot of energy and aren’t able to focus and have ADHD type symptoms. A lot of moms and dads will take the Focus roll-on. We saw tons of this on Amazon and it’s on the website too, put it on the bottom of the feet and then applying it to the feet, it actually gets through more or less all the cells of the body over time. If the scent is strong for a kid or they want to smell it or something, it’s at the bottom of the feet. There’s a lot of different tricks like that.

Jewels Johnson: Yes, interesting.

how to use the law of attraction & essential oilsLezlie Cebulski: Another really good product for manifesting too I want to mention is Grounding. When we’re doing healing work and when we’re trying to really connect more of a source, of course, we want to really connect with the Earth and ground. If you’re living in an urban environment or it’s winter, it’s not so easy to go out in your bare feet on grass. Grounding is a way to connect with the Earth. I love this. It has a delicious scent and it has a oakmoss absolute, vetiver, a little black pepper for some kick, and frankincense. It’s just smells really, really good and it just connects to the Earth.

Jewels Johnson: Wow. Yes, and that’s important. That is very important. If you’re not connected, you haven’t got anything. You are disconnected. You cannot connect to source unless you get grounded, so I fully appreciate that.

Lezlie Cebulski: Right, and it also has sandalwood in it.

Jewels Johnson: That’s nice.

Lezlie Cebulski: Very nice, yes. I think with the sandalwood and its effect on the pineal gland, you’re also more grounded to the Earth and then more open for source. I really believe that I’ve changed a lot as a person by the use of these myself, not only in terms of becoming more emotionally free and happier, but also becoming more connected to God or source, and definitely more intuitive. A lot of these things have opened up other parts of my spirit and mind. I’ve come into some gifts in the last few years which has been really interesting, but then I think really, the aromatherapy has been a huge part of developing that

Jewels Johnson: I believe that to be true. The sandalwood, as you said, helps the pineal gland to open, to decalcify in order for you to connect and get the downloads for you to develop your intuition. I’m a big proponent of that. That’s where we are evolving right now so sandalwood is a big deal. Is sandalwood in your Divine? Your Divine oil?

Lezlie Cebulski: Actually, I don’t think sandalwood’s in Divine. There’s lotus oils in that one but there’s has some different types of downloads. I have some healers that are using that right now. One particularly out in Arizona. She’s using it to mist the room. She does a lot of psychic clearing work. She works actually in a lot of other healers that sort of pick up residual energy. Pretty cool stuff.

Jewels Johnson: So sandalwood does that or is it the Divine? Let me get clear on– Is it a spray that you can do to take away some of those energies that you’re collecting from other people?

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, I use Divine for getting a lot of source download. Grounding can be used for that as well, but it’s more specifically to ground yourself so that you can really charge up and get more source information. You can use Grounding and then you get Divine which actually stimulates more source, more information. They all kind of work together. Sandalwood is great for opening the pineal gland, the third eye, being able to see things and then to to use the law of attraction & essential oils

Jewels Johnson: Oh my. I think I’m going to be buying out your store [laughs].

Lezlie Cebulski: I do. I love it. The more I use them, the more I learn, the more we make them. They are amazing.

Jewels Johnson: Yes, it sounds so fantastic and it sounds so easy. We just have to remember to apply the oil or the spray in the mornings and at night and we are good to go, right?

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, pretty much and I think that that has a lot to do with setting intention for your day. While I’m doing that, I’m reminded, “Okay, now what kind of day to I want to create? What kind of person do I want to be? How do we want to interact with people? What kind of effect do I want to have? What do we want to attract? What kind of opportunities?” It’s a good time to be very intentional about the day in the morning and apply those.

Also, I think, actually changes your spiritual vibration and frequencies so that you do put a higher vibe out into the universe and source answers back to what– You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are as Wayne Dyer said. When we tune ourselves up daily with the aromatherapy and if we’re going through stuff, the aromatherapy plus the tapping, then we’re able to be our best self.

Jewels Johnson: So in the morning when you wake up and you’re thinking about this person that you got to have a meeting with and you’re worried, “Is it going to go well?” what do you do? You put the Stress spray on you or what would you suggest if you’re having a tense– You know something may be tense. What do you recommend?

Lezlie Cebulski: What do I personally do? Well, I actually spray the Protection on my back and on my feet and I will spray a little Divine and Joy on the top of my head because I want source and I want to be joyful, because I think that when we’re on the state of joy, things just go much more easily and good things come to us.

Jewels Johnson: You’re actually diffusing the stress from the other person too when you are in that high vibrational place of joy.

Lezlie Cebulski: Right Jewels, and you’re making an important point because you’re not the only one that can smell them, right? Somebody else around you can smell the Joy and can smell the Protection and so forth. They’re probably impacted by it as well in a positive way. I think the morning use of those things, the products have really been important part of my creation of my life and and what I want.

Jewels Johnson: Wow. I could see myself spraying it on my grand kids. [laughs] Have a great day.

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, right.

Jewels Johnson: Yes, it can only help.

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, the lotions are really nice too. It really just depends; sometimes you use a roll-ons, sometimes the diffuse, sometimes you use the lotions. I just find the sprays to be probably the most powerful and the easiest to apply.

Jewels Johnson: I love, love, love, love this. Now, you teach classes on this, do you not?

Lezlie Cebulski: I did for a while. I will probably be doing that again later this year and I’m pretty sure I’ll do that on Facebook live. I haven’t started the classes up again but it’s something I plan on doing when I have a little bit more time.

Jewels Johnson: Okay, could people start getting their interest going and maybe actually go into it as a profession themselves?

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, that’s actually what my long-term goal is that I think that I’ve put something together that’s fairly unique in terms of the application of aromatherapy and the tapping and the muscle testing. I’m no longer able to really see people one-on-one, but what I would like to do is to help other people learn what I know and how to apply it and help themselves and others, so yes. That’s pretty much what my long-term plans are.

Then meanwhile, I’ve got a few of the things and what I can offer people is anyone that visits the website, right at the top of the store there’s a free item section and I have 26 downloads that are free. Those are I think about over a dozen free EFT tapping scripts and pairing those with different products, but anybody can download them for lots of different problems or issues as well as some e-books on how to use essential oils and some do-it-yourself, essential oil charts, essential oil application charts like for physical healing or emotional benefits.

Jewels Johnson: Wow.

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, there’s lots of different charts and 26 different free downloads. There’s something for everybody in there if they want to visit the store. All you have to do is just fill out your name and your email and then it’s instantly downloadable in your email.

Jewels Johnson: This is so wonderful because I do see a world where we are going back to nature and going back to the core essence of our lives and understanding us. Really, we need Western medicine but in a different way for acute situations. We can really become the healers of ourselves and I think this is what you’re giving us, the information and the product where we are taking responsibility for our own lives. Really, how can you go wrong going back to mother nature? You can’t.

Lezlie Cebulski: Right. Absolutely and yes, it helps us manifesting. It helps us with our own healing of body, mind and spirit. Yes, but it doesn’t replace acute situations. I’m not recommending that someone exclusively use products like this if they have–

Jewels Johnson: Yes.

Lezlie Cebulski: But they are often helpful in addition to a lot of Western medicine as well. I don’t think it’s an either/or proposition.

Jewels Johnson: It actually will keep you from going to Western medicine on a frequent basis. It will actually help you to stay in tuned with source and that’s the ultima.

Lezlie Cebulski: That’s my personal belief and my observations, yes.

Jewels Johnson: That is so wonderful. We want to send everyone to your website and down below on the video is the name She has got all this information on her wonderful website. You can’t go wrong. But if somebody has a question, can they contact you?

Lezlie Cebulski: The best way to contact me is by email and it’s simply [email protected] and that will be forwarded to me. If they have some questions on what products are best for them or the application, any questions about EFT scripts, they can contact me that way. If there’s a question about an order there’s a telephone number, 7343356798 and I have staff to answer questions about orders and shipments and so forth, and even if they’re having difficulty with the website because of the browser or whatever. Very dedicated, we answer the phone even in a lot of odd hours when the phone’s forwarded.

Jewels Johnson: So if a person has a question that they have diabetes or something like that, you can or a staff can give them some information on what may help their situation. It won’t cure it, but it will definitely help.

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, we give advice in terms of the contacts that it’s going to help support the body or support the mind, not a medical cure as that wouldn’t be appropriate, but yes. Yes, we do make suggestions about how it can help support the body.

Jewels Johnson: Exactly.

Lezlie Cebulski: What products would do that.

Jewels Johnson: That’s great. That is really great and I think we have run out of time, but boy, is this really great information. Is there something that we haven’t talked about that you wanted to share with the listeners?

Lezlie Cebulski: I just wanted to mention that in the month of April, we are having a spring sale right now. It’s 25% off all products so there’s a coupon code that’ll pop up when you’re on the website on desktop or a phone. You can just apply that at checkout and we do have a hundred percent, satisfaction guarantee in all of our products. If there’s something you don’t like you can return it even if it’s open. No questions asked. We’re very generous that way. Just to let you know that most of our products are still to this day, made in small batches with a lot of loving intention. We do really pride ourselves on a lot of personal service. I even have certain staff members that are authorized to sometimes help somebody out. Giving them a lecture product. I’m a Reiki master too. I didn’t mention that but we have a– Yes, I am. We have energy healing symbols throughout our production area and our office area. We play very healing music because I really feel like these products are sensitive to all the energy around. That’s important to us that we have a good environment in the production, and our office.

Jewels Johnson: Wonderful, so you do ship internationally?

Lezlie Cebulski: Well, we ship in the US and we do ship to Australia and Canada. We have had some issues. We primarily used the US postal office. We’ve had some kind of issues so right now, those are the countries that we’re shipping to but we’re evaluating maybe it’s just using DHL if the volume and the interest is where it’s at the UK, for example.

Jewels Johnson: Right, we’ve got a lot of listeners in the UK and even Russia.

Lezlie Cebulski: Wow. Hi Russia.

Jewels Johnson: I know. This is great information. I loved it and I’m going to be buying a lot of those oils and sprays. I especially love the money one, so good.

Lezlie Cebulski: It’s one of my favorites too.

Jewels Johnson: Great.

Lezlie Cebulski: Yes, it works.

Jewels Johnson: It works? It brings you money.

Lezlie Cebulski: It does. It does work. Yes. Money and opportunity.

Jewels Johnson: The basis to that is you just have to keep your eyes open so that you can see the opportunities flow to you, right?

Lezlie Cebulski: Right and also I think the other key is the corresponding tapping script because a lot of times I found, and I’ve worked with a lot of clients, is that they have a lot of negative beliefs about money, prosperity, rich people. If you have a lot of negative beliefs about money and prosperity and how rich people are and act, you won’t become one. It’s essential to get rid of those kind of beliefs and so the tapping script, with the addition of the Money Magnet, go hand in hand. You’re clearing out all of those outdated beliefs; about money being the root of all evil, etcetera, and once once you’re free from that then yes, you’re going to attract more opportunity and joyfully pursue them.

Jewels Johnson: This is wonderful. Wow, you are a blessing to this world. We need this right now. Right now. This is so perfect for all of the listeners. Thank you so much Lezlie.

Lezlie Cebulski: Thank you Jewels. It’s been a pleasure talking with you.

Jewels Johnson: It’s been a pleasure and I hope you’ll come back on, especially if you come up with new stuff, please let us know.

Lezlie Cebulski:  Certainly.

Jewels Johnson: This stuff is great. I can’t thank you enough.

Lezlie Cebulski: Okay, thank you.


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