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Essential Oils for Bruises and Bruising

Essential Oils for Bruises and Bruising

Essential oils for bruises and bruising can help speed up healing and reduce inflammation.* So whether you bruise like a peach, are naturally clumsy, or simply bump into things on occasion, essential oils can help.

First of all, bruises aren’t just unsightly—they can be incredibly painful to the touch, as well. Also, you might develop a bruise because you’re predisposed to bruising, or you’re deficient in essential nutrients like vitamins B12, C, K, Zinc and/or Folic Acid. And health issues can lead to bruising, too, such as anemia, kidney problems, extremely low or high body fat levels, and skin disorders.Essential Oils for Bruises and Bruising

Applying Neat Oils to Bruises

Therefore, apply undiluted essential oils directly to the skin (“neat”) to help reduce inflammation and speed up healing. However, be aware that you can develop sensitivities to essential oils this way.*

Most of all, we recommend lavender and helichrysum essential oils to apply undiluted to bruises.* Only use 1 – 2 drops, and lightly massage into the bruise.

Essential Oils You Can Use for Bruises and Bruising

While you can apply essential oils neat, we recommend that you dilute them with your choice of carrier oil.

In conclusion, these are our favorite oils to use for bruises:

Lavender is a miracle oil when it comes to skin care because it helps rejuvenate blood vessels under the skin, as well as increase skin elasticity. Due to this, it’s great for reducing bruises and accompanied swelling.*

Cypress is a fresh-scented oil that has been used by Greeks for centuries for skin problems. It’s great for speeding up the healing of bruises.*

A great skin aid in almost any circumstance, geranium is great for particularly nasty bruises. It’s a good moisturizer as well!*

Excellent for fresh bruises and bumps, since it helps to reduce swelling and speed up healing. You can even apply helichysum if the bruise hasn’t shown up yet!*

When you have a bruise that is inflamed, painful, and very swollen, we recommend myrrh. This oil helps to heal broken capillaries, reduce swelling, and help relieve some of the pain.*

A refreshing oil, eucalyptus helps reduce swelling, heal broken capillaries, and promote healing. It helps with dry or aging skin as well.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

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  • You left out my favorite oil for bruising as well as for painful bruises!
    Arnica essential oil is outstanding for bruising. I use it often it in small amounts and dilute it with a carrier oil like almond or coconut oil.
    I also use a mix of geanium, lavender, carrot seed and frankincense for cuts and bruises. You can also add arnica to this all along with a carrier oil.
    When using arnica it important to dilute it and also not to apply it to an open wound.

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