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Digestion Essential Oil Blend

Digestion Essential Oil Blend

Digestion Essential Oil Blend

Many people have digestive issues today, or so it seems! This digestion essential oil blend is a natural way to help relieve your digestive challenges. It also has a delightful scent!

Unhealthy Eating

Splurging on too much of the “wrong” kinds of food is a big cause of digestive issues. How is your diet? Is your “normal” going through the drive-thru for lunch 5 days a week? Do you make sure you’re drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily?

Having an unhealthy eating habit will likely cause an imbalance of good v. bad bacteria in your digestive system. This, in turn, may affect your thinking, reasoning, and mood. What if your decision-making at work and in your personal life could be helped by eating healthier? Furthermore, what if you didn’t feel so irritable or angry at work and at home with the people you care most about?

Try baby steps. Instead of 5 days a week eating a fast food lunch, take a healthy, homemade lunch to work two days a week. And, instead of drinking soda, drink water (add some fresh lemon juice for flavor and added health benefits).

Finally, while you’re working on implementing new healthy eating habits, use your digestion essential oil blend to help your tummy!*

Health Issues

Digestive issues can also be a sign that something else is wrong in your body. If you’re experiencing long-term digestive issues (like cramping, pain, excessive bloating, etc.) or have other unexplained symptoms in your body along with digestive issues, see a doctor to rule out potentially serious health issues.

While you’re doing that, it’s still a good idea to examine your eating habits and begin to make some healthy changes. You may also want to use your digestion essential oil blend for added digestive assistance since it’s safe and natural.*

Digestion Essential Oil Blend

Put lotion or Shea butter in a small glass bowl. Add the essential oils, one at a time. Mix carefully, but thoroughly.

Rub the blended lotion onto your belly before meals and before bedtime.

Idea: Make a larger amount of the recipe. Put into a dark plastic bottle with a flip-top or screw-on cap. Your mix will be ready to use daily, or when needed!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.