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Deep, Rich Essential Oil Fragrances

Deep, Rich Essential Oil Fragrances

Deep, Rich Essential Oil Fragrances

Since ancient times perfumes, and aromas, in general, have been a significant part of culture, no matter where. Ceremonies and rituals often included incense, and the rank, damp smell of castles were offset by bowls of homemade potpourri in rooms where people gathered.

Perfume was a luxury of the rich. Poor people and peasants couldn’t afford it. Furthermore, think of the fact that perfume came about, in part, because people didn’t have the convenience of taking a shower or bath with clean water whenever they needed or wanted.

So, wearing perfume was basically an effort to mask foul body odor – an ancient deodorant!

Today, both women and men not only take baths and showers (!), but they also enjoy wearing perfumes and colognes that express their personalities.

However, more and more individuals express concern over the potential dangers of synthetic fragrances, due to studies that show many chemical ingredients are toxic to the body. Thus, there is a lot of attention given to essential oils.

Essential oils are natural and safe.* They can be blended in an infinite number of ways. And, they may provide both physical and emotional health benefits.*

Deep, Rich Essential Oil Fragrances

There are many different kinds of fragrance categories. Here are two deep, rich essential oil fragrances (one liquid; one solid) that use essential oils from the Citrus, Floral, and Woody aroma categories.

Exotic Earth Blend

Put the alcohol in a dark glass bottle and add the essential oils. Cover tightly and gently shake. Allow blend to sit for 2-6 weeks, then enjoy the fragrance!

Earthy Floral Solid Fragrance

Mix the essential oils in a small glass bowl. In a small pot over medium low heat melt beeswax and coconut oil. Remove from heat and add the essential oils. Whisk well to distribute oil throughout the mixture. Pour quickly into lip balm container or tube. Let cool on counter till hard.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.