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Floral, Fresh and Fruity Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

Spend a little time creating these two amazing floral, fresh and fruity essential oil perfume recipes! The “Fruity Forest” scent is a good choice for your workweek to keep you energized and clear-headed.* On the other extreme, “Fruity Oriental” will add to the sensuality and mystery of date night!* Floral, Fresh and Fruity Essential Oil […]

Deep, Rich Essential Oil Fragrances

Since ancient times perfumes, and aromas, in general, have been a significant part of culture, no matter where. Ceremonies and rituals often included incense, and the rank, damp smell of castles were offset by bowls of homemade potpourri in rooms where people gathered. Perfume was a luxury of the rich. Poor people and peasants couldn’t […]

Essential Oil Recipes With Musk Fragrance

Musk is the name originally given to a substance with a strong, rich, and woody odor that was obtained from a gland of the male musk deer. The substance has been used since ancient times. Today, Musk is a class of aromatic substances commonly used as base notes to make perfume. The gland secretions from […]

Pretty Florals Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

Do you love the smell of fresh flowers in Spring? I love taking a walk outside when the aromas from the flowering plants and trees fill the air! It’s a wonderful reminder that the winter cold is gone for the year (or at least almost!), and marks the beginning of the warmer months (my favorite […]

Deep and Earthy Solid Natural Fragrances

Imagine strolling through a damp forest or sitting by a roaring campfire. Are there certain aromas you associate with this scene? Musky, rich, and sensual may come to mind, like our first DIY scent. What about an earthy floral? Our second DIY scent has an initial citrus aroma, followed by a floral scent (Ylang Ylang), […]

Citrus Natural Perfume Recipes

Citrus is a genus of flowering trees and shrubs that produce citrus fruits. Probably the most common vision we have when we hear the word “citrus” is of the morning orange juice that so many of us drink each morning. Additionally, other citrus fruits we love are grapefruit, limes, and lemons. And did you know […]

Spicy Essential Oil Natural Perfumes

What comes to mind when you think of the word “spice?” Do you have thoughts of cinnamon and clove and think of the holidays? Or do you think of red hot chilis and your favorite Thai noodle dish? What does being “spicy” mean to you? Are you a spicy person? Why Do Some People LOVE […]

Essential Oil Fragrances for Women, Men, Romance

Romance is defined as a feeling of mystery or excitement associated with love. Most of us are not strangers to the feelings we experience when romance is in the air! So, romance is associated with your first boyfriend or girlfriend. And also with your spouse or partner. Our society absolutely loves romance! Why? It feels […]

Essential Oils to Improve Psychic Ability

Many people believe that having psychic abilities is rare. Consequently, those who claim to have these “supernatural” powers are often thought of as strange. They may even feel like outsiders or be treated as such. Thus, having psychic abilities is also known as “extrasensory perception” or “sixth sense.” Actually, believe it or not, we all have […]

Essential Oil Uplifting Diffuser Blends

Essential oils are used in many different ways. One beneficial way to permeate the air in your home or workspace is to use an essential oil diffuser. There are many kinds of diffusers to choose from in different prices ranges. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to complement any décor. Be […]

Essential Oils for Common Emotional Ailments

Essential oils are used to help many health issues, both mental and physical.* This article contains four recipes that contain essential oils for common emotional ailments. Three Ways to Use Essential Oils Skin Individuals use essential oils in three different ways to enter the body: 1) Applied to the skin; 2) Inhaled; 3) Ingested. When […]