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10 Additional Essential Oil Life Hacks

Do you love to find great things that you can use your essential oils on?  Checkout these additional 10 essential oil life hacks that will come in handy time and time again. Please click here for an another one of our blogs with 10 essential oil life hacks. Remove Grease Stains with Lemon Essential Oil […]

Diffuser Recipes with Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil holds calming and grounding properties for both the mind and body, making it a popular oil for topical as well as aromatic use. Cedarwood essential oil increases joy in relationships, neighborliness, social bonds, and a sense of belonging. It may be helpful to those who feel isolated, lonely and disconnected from loved ones. Cedarwood […]

Essential Oil Blends to Help Improve Focus

Aromatherapy has been known to be beneficial for mental health. It is  incredible what essential oils can do for your mood and to help improve focus. Below you will find several DIY recipes that may help if you are suffering from any of the following: Scattered thoughts & inability to focus or stay on task. Obsessive […]

Aromatherapy Playdough Using Essential Oils – Calming, Relaxing & Fun

Aromatherapy playdough using essential oils is very easy to make. In only minutes you can whip up this playdough using common ingredients you most likely have in the kitchen.  It is a great stress, tension and anxiousness reliever for you, your children or even the elderly. Homemade aromatherapy playdough even makes a great gift! When […]

Vapor Rub for Colds & Flu Symptons Using Essential Oils

Essential oils may ease symptoms of a cough or cold by soothing the throat, a runny nose, sinus congestion, muscle aches and even trouble sleeping. This recipe for a vapor rub for colds and flu is one you will be glad to have around when you need it. This homemade vapor rub using essential oils […]

DIY Hair Detangler Using Essential Oils

Did you know it’s normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair a day? Plus if you have tangled, knotted hair, you can lose even more hair.  It’s very healthy for hair growth to use a hair detangler spray for less hair loss.  Hair detangler sprays that you purchase in stores are full of unnatural chemicals.  Making […]

Diffuser Blends for Passion and Love

Passion and love are in the air, especially when essential oils are diffused before, during, (even after) intimate moments! With smell perhaps being the most primal of our senses, aromatherapy can reveal a whole other level to intimacy, passion and love. But essential oils are more than just a scent.  Essential oils can: Rid negative […]

DIY Uplifting Body Sprays for Winter

The winter blues are very common during the colder, darker days of winter.  We may not be getting as much fresh air and sunshine as we do during the rest of the year. As a result, many of us may feel exhausted, anxious and gloomy from time to time during the winter months.  If you are like us […]

Spicy Love Potions Using Essential Oils

Enjoy trying these four spicy love potions using essential oils for you and your love. Sexy Diffuser Love Potion 2 drops Bergamot 2 drops Ylang Ylang 1 drop Sandalwood 1 drop Cedarwood There are several diffuser types and methods of diffusing essential oils into the air. Checkout our blog on Diffusing Essential Oils. Sweetheart Love […]

Using Essential Oils for Olfactory Training- Smell Training

Loss of smell is relatively common with respiratory viruses because of congestion and nasal inflammation. For people who contracted COVID-19, many have been unable to regain their sense of smell. Using essential oils for olfactory training may help regain the lost sense of smell through olfactory or smell training. Olfactory/Smell Training We would like to […]

Essential Oils for Coughs

Essential oils are extracted from plants grown around the world.  The use of essential oils to relieve symptoms related to a health condition is known as complementary alternative therapy. These essential oils for coughs are methods considered to be apart from typical medical treatments.* In general, essential oils are used for the practice of aromatherapy. […]