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Essential Oil Remedies to Help Protect Your Family From Germs

Four quick and easy essential oil remedies to help protect your family from germs, plus additional  recipes for homemade disinfect and cleaning supplies using essential oils. Hand Sanitizer with Immune Support* The first of the four quick and easy essential oil remedies to help protect your family from germs is hand sanitizer using our Bandits […]

Essential Oils for Oral Care*

The benefits of essential oils are far more than aromatic. Essential oils have incredible therapeutic and healing qualities. Using essential oils for oral care can help keep your teeth fresh, white and clean from bacteria and plaque. Essential oils for oral care can also help combat gum disease and mouth ulcers, some oils can even […]

DIY Disinfectant Wipes With Essential Oils

As we all know finding disinfectant wipes has been difficult lately.  You don’t have to scour the stores – there is another way! Replace those store bought wipes with these easy versions of homemade DIY disinfectant wipes with essential oils.  These wipes have not been lab tested, we encourage you to use your good judgment […]

Essential Oils in the Garden

Using essential oils in the garden can help to repel pests, invite pollinators, or turn your garden into a lovely atmosphere for relaxation.  Repel Insects with Essential Oils in the Garden Deet may be effective, but it also has serious health and environmental consequences. Side effects may include skin irritation, neurotoxicity, kidney and liver damage, […]

Hand Sanitizer With Essential Oils

Making your own hand sanitizer with essential oils will not only save you money it is great fun and can be more important than you realize.* Chemicals in store-bought hand sanitizer are full of toxic chemicals that do NOT always good for your body. On the Go DIY Hand Sanitzier with Essential Oils Spray Make […]

Essential Oils That Can Help With Those Pesky Bed Bugs

What are Bed Bugs? What are bed bugs?  Bed bugs are six legged, almost microscopic wingless insects, parasites, that feed by sucking out their hosts’ blood.  They have the power to ruin every single night of peaceful sleep by relentlessly biting you. Bed bugs stick to dark colored clothes, cushions and furniture, and are hard […]

7 Essential Oils for Tinnitus Relief

Try these 7 essential oils for tinnitus relief.  A person with tinnitus often hears “ringing in the ears,” but they may also hear hissing, clicking, or whistling sounds.  This can be temporary, or it can be chronic and persistent problem. The most common cause of tinnitus is damage to the tiny hair cells inside the […]

DIY Soothing Lavender & Frankincense Oatmeal Soak for the Bath

Who doesn’t love a nice soothing bath after a long day at work or out shopping!? You can make this DIY Soothing Lavender & Frankincense Oatmeal Soak for the Bath!  This recipe combines Lavender, Frankincense, oatmeal, baking soda and epsom salt.  Lavender with its, floral, herbaceous, fresh aroma, is a must for relaxing and calming and to balance energy.  Frankincense […]

DIY Energizing Masculine Roll On Cologne

It is easy to make this DIY Energizing Masculine Roll On Cologne. The men in your life will love it because essential oils are not just for the ladies.  Make your man a masculine roll on that will also help to boost his well-being.*  Fir Needle has a crispy forest scent and Virginian Cedarwood has a musky/smokey scent […]

DIY Homemade Foot Soak with Essential Oils

Making a DIY homemade foot soak with essential oils, which are therapeutic quality, can help to soothe your muscles, rid your feet of aches and pains from being on them for hours or from wearing your favorite but very uncomfortable shoes.  Letting your feet soak in a foot bath can help reduce swelling and prevent […]

DIY Essential Oil Blends for Fatigue and Exhaustion

Exhaustion and fatigue can come in many forms. Not enough sleep, too much stress, too much tension, no time to relax. Life isn’t always easy on us, and essential oils can help to make it a little bit better. Below are some DIY essential oil blends for fatigue and exhaustion that you can make yourself. Be sure […]