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Essential Oils That Can Help With Those Pesky Bed Bugs

Essential Oils That Can Help With Those Pesky Bed Bugs

Essential Oils That Can Help With Those Pesky Bed BugsWhat are Bed Bugs?

What are bed bugs?  Bed bugs are six legged, almost microscopic wingless insects, parasites, that feed by sucking out their hosts’ blood.  They have the power to ruin every single night of peaceful sleep by relentlessly biting you. Bed bugs stick to dark colored clothes, cushions and furniture, and are hard to spot. Bed bugs can also be found hiding out in metal and plastic items, appliances, printers, computers, living room furniture, even behind pictures on the wall. If you have bed bugs in your home they were brought in from some place else, used furniture, maybe they got into your suitcase while traveling or a guest transported them.  Bed bugs only need a few days to breed and multiply before they can take over the entire house.  Bed bugs are not only found in dirty surroundings, even the cleanest of homes can develop bed bug infestations.  Essential oils that can help with those pesky bed bugs are detailed below.

Essential Oils That Can Help With Those Pesky Bed Bugs

You can use entirely natural methods to rid your living quarters and your belongings of bed bugs. You will need a lot of patience, do a lot cleaning and exercise dedication. You need to clean all your clothes, either by washing them in hot water or by steam cleaning them. Vacuum all corners of your house, furniture, carpets, then vacuum them again. Using some potent essential oils for bed bugs may potentially extinguish the pesky parasites.

We researched these 10 essential oils that can help with those pesky bed bugs in your home. Please note that lavender should be the only essential oil you use in a child’s room.* Other oils may not be safe for children.

  1. Lavender Essential Oil – Bed bugs hate the strong scent of lavender. Lavender is known to repel bed bugs, plus the scent will relax you at night.  Lavender may even weaken bed bug eggs. Use lavender during your elimination phase and after to prevent re-infestation.*
  2. Tea Tree Essential Oil – Tea tree is known to be a natural insect repellent, therefore effective against bed bugs. Tea tree essential oil is used as an antimicrobial and is antibacterial and known to kill bed bugs and their eggs.  To use tea tree essential oil for elimination of bed bugs simply mix it with a few ounces of water in a spray bottle.  You can spray it over your carpet, furniture, bed, linens, curtains.  It also may be helpful to include a few drops in your laundry.*
  3. Thyme Essential OilThyme is known for its antiseptic and disinfectant assets. It can be used as a household cleaner by those who prefer a greener approach to cleaning. Thyme is strong enough when added to a mattress to kill, repel and prevent bed bugs. Use sparingly, Do not use thyme if pregnant or with young children.*
  4. Lemongrass Essential OilLemongrass is rich in properties and compounds that repel many bugs including bed bugs. Lemongrass can kill the bugs and prevent their eggs from hatching. Lemongrass essential oil offers an earthy scent while blooming with bursts of citrus and floral fragrances. Bed bugs hate the scent of lemongrass thus preventing them from connecting with areas where lemongrass has been applied. Do not use lemongrass if pregnant or with young children*
  5. Clove Bud Essential OilClove has a pungent strong smell that can help discourage bed bugs. It is also rich in eugenol, which may be deadly to the bugs and kills them. Moisten all dark corners that may be hideouts for bed bugs with clove oil to prevent them from breeding and multiplying. Clove bud essential oil has a warm, strong, spicy, and woody aroma, however be sure you can tolerate the smell of clove bud before you use it – not everyone likes the smell of this oil. Use sparingly and do not use with children.*
  6. Lemon Essential Oil – Lemon oil is great for repelling bed bugs thus making an environment unfavorable. Spray lemon oil mixed with water on your mattress and other areas.  You can also add lemon oil to your laundry.*
  7. Peppermint Essential Oil – Bed bugs dislike the smell of peppermint oil.  Peppermint is also antibacterial and has a strong, fresh minty scent, with a somewhat bittersweet, and a slightly smoky aroma.  Mix peppermint and spray anywhere in your home.  You will enjoy the fresh, clean, crisp smell. Do not use while pregnant, with children or if epileptic.*
  8. Rosemary Essential Oil Bed bugs will hate the smell of rosemary oil and will steer away from areas sprayed with it. Strong herbal, camphorous aroma.  Do not use if epileptic, have high blood pressure or on children under 6 years of age. 
  9. Frankincense Essential OilBalsamic, woody, typical olibanum scent, frankincense is made from rosin of Boswellia sacra and is effective in killing pesky bed bugs and keeping them away from you.
  10. Eucalyptus Essential Oil –  Eucalyptus is another oil that bed bugs and other bugs do not like.  Use directly on the bugs.  Avoid if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy or with children under 10 years of age.

To use these essential oils that can help with those pesky bed bugs mix 30 drops of one or more of the recommended oils with water in a spray bottle.  Shake the bottle well and spray areas where bed bugs may live in your home.*

Using essential oils that can help with those pesky bed bugs may not be a permanent solution to rid your home of the bugs as you need to get your essential oil solution on every bed bug. Essential oils should be used as natural, supportive solution to other professional ways. 

*Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.