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Rose Absolute Oil Uses and Benefits - Bulgaria

Rose Absolute Oil Uses and Benefits

Rose Absolute Oil Uses and BenefitsProperties of Rose Absolute Oil  (Rosa damascena)

Scent of rose, deep, rich rosey scent with faint peppery note.

  • 100% Pure, Concentrated
  • Solvent Extracted from Flowers
  • Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Rose Absolute Oil Packaged

Amber glass bottle with Euro dropper. Tamper proof safety seal. Shrink wrapped.

Background Information on Rose Absolute Oil

Rosa damascena, common in Bulgaria, is used extensively in perfumes. The process of preparing rose oils can be very labor intensive with the rose petals being picked before the sun is up. Extraction must occur within the same day to achieve high quality extracts. This contributes to the reason why rose oils are expensive.

Rose Absolute Oil Uses and Benefits

Rose absolute oil contains compounds with properties which uplift moods and help ease depressive emotions. Rose is helpful for increasing emotional openness to receiving and giving love. Rose oil helps release fear of intimacy

Rose oils are a potent aphrodisiac with arousal occurring from just the aroma of the oil. It has been shown to reduce symptomatic erectile dysfunction and low libido.*

A common use of Rose oil in aromatherapy is to reduce stress, causing general muscle relaxation and the invocation of a sense of well being.

Rose oils are also medicinal serving as potent antivirals, antibacterial and antiseptic agents. It has also been shown to help reduce digestive spasms and severe muscular contractions.* Other uses includes servicing as a laxative and generally helping the digestive system.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Rose Absolute Oil Uses and Benefits / Blends

  • One drop Rose absolute oil + Two drops of Sandalwood + 2 drops of Frankincense essential oils + 1 oz of carrier oil.  This should be applied at night after cleansing.

Rose Absolute Oil Safety Tips

Rose absolute oil should not be used in the eyes or ear canals. It should not be ingested.



Botanical NameRosa damascena
SourcePetals, Flowers
Country of OriginBulgaria
Method of ExtractionSolvent
CharacteristicsPale yellow liquid. Floral, rose-like odor.
Main ConstituentsCitronellol, Nerol, Geraniol, Phenyl ethylalcohol
CAS No.8007-01-0