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The Law of Attraction & Essential Oils

Increase Vibration to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You! As Explained in the Movie "The Secret"

Essential Oils and the Law of Attraction: Frequency

Combining essential oils and the Law of Attraction is the fast track to helping you manifest what you desire. Essential oils amplify the intent of prayer, thoughts and emotions. Essential oils raise your frequency or vibration. Further, combining essential oils and Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping to clear fears and hurt, helps you to manifest what you want by clearing out negative thoughts and emotions.

Essential oils help the body and emotions by raising the bio-frequency of the body, mind and spirit. Frequency or vibration is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. Every living being has an electrical frequency according to Robert O. Becker, M.D., in his book The Body Electric.  In order to measure the bio-frequency of humans and foods, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Cheney, Washington, developed new equipment. He used this bio-frequency equipment to determine the relationship between frequency and disease. His work was premised by Bjorn Nordenstrom a radiologist from Sweden and Royal Raymond Rife, M.D.*

Measuring in megahertz, Tainio Technology found:

-Processed / canned food had zero MHz frequency
-Fresh produce measured up to 15 MHz frequency
-Dried herbs measured from 12- 22 MHz
-Fresh herbs measured from 20-27 MHZ
-Essential oils measured from 52 MHz – 320 MHz

  • Lower range essential oils have physical benefits.
  • Middle frequencies have emotional benefits.
  • High frequency essential oils have spiritual benefits.

For thousands of years plant oils have been combined with prayer and spiritual healing. Experiments which measure the bio-frequency of essential oils exposed to positive thought show that on average positive thoughts increased the bio-frequency of essential oils by 10 MHz. Negative thoughts and words decreased frequency by 12 MHz on average. Prayer amplified the MHz of essential oils by 15 MHz. The concept of consciousness and the power of intention is further explained in the work by Masaru Emoto in his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water.”   

Essential Oil Blends: The Law of Attraction Collection

Essential oils and the Law of Attraction are a natural pair to help you manifest what you want. Essential oils and the Law of Attraction are very powerful when combined with Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT Tapping. Essential oil blends, sprays and lotions in this collection were developed to help the mind and spirit clear negative emotions and thoughts.
Combining EFT Tapping and essential oils helps to quickly clear negative emotions.

By redirecting and focusing on positive emotions and thoughts, you can accelerate the manifestation of what is desired.  As your thoughts and emotions are less negative and more positive, your vibrational frequency rises.  It is important to feel positive emotions and think positive thoughts about the present, past and future.

Remember, as Wayne Dyer said,

“The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.”

So, if you want to change the direction in your life or physically manifest, you must first start with changing your vibrational frequency–from the mind, emotions and spirit.

What do you want to create in your life?

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