Essential Oils for Bruises

Essential Oil And Bruises Life happens, and when it does, you will occasionally get a bump or a bruise. The problem with bruises isn’t that they are just unsightly – they can be embarrassing and lead to awkward social situations in some cases.  When it comes to getting bruises to diminish, very few modern medicine solutions exist. However, there are plenty of natural remedies for fading bruises, and they include a wide variety of essential oils. In order to remove your bruises as quickly as possible, it’s crucial to use high quality essential oils that have been prepared from plants that are organic and healthy. As long as you get the right manufacturer to provide them, you’ll be able to see amazing results when you use the oils mentioned below.

Lavender Essential Oil For


This is often considered to be a panacea of sorts when it comes to skin care. Lavender oil, aside from being a great anti-bacterial skin toner, also helps rejuvenate blood vessels under the skin and increase skin elasticity. The overall result is that bruises fade much sooner than you’d expect when you treat your skin with lavender oil. Lavender is also an excellent pick for fresh bruises that are prone to swelling.

Cypress Essential Oil For Bruises

A very fresh-smelling essential oil, cypress oil has been used by Greeks for centuries as a healing oil for all sorts of skin problems. This usage also includes rubbing it on bruises as a way to speed up healing.

Geranium Essential Oil For Bruises

Much like lavender oil, geranium oil has received a solid reputation for being a skin aid for all sorts of problems. If you have a particularly nasty bruise, dabbing a dollop of geranium oil on it may just be what you need to do. As an added bonus, this super-healthy essential oil also is an excellent moisturizer, and makes for a pain-free toner for sensitive skin.

Helichrysum Essential Oil For Bruises

While most essential oils would need to be mixed with either a mixing oil like olive oil or a little bit of alcohol, helichrysum oil doesn’t need to be mixed in order to effectively treat bruises. This oil is excellent for fresh bruises and bumps, since it has been known to reduce swelling quickly.

Myrrh Essential Oil For Bruises

For occasions when the bruise is clearly swollen, inflamed, and really badly bruised up, myrrh oil is the go- to  essential oil of choice. This helps liven up broken capillaries, reduce swelling, and at times, even reduce the amount of pain you feel if it was a fresh bump.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil For


Much like myrrh and helichrysum oils, eucalyptus oil is a very refreshing essential oil that livens up capillaries, reduces swelling, and promotes healing throughout the affected area. Ideal for people with dry skin as well as people with aging skin, eucalyptus oil is a great tool for simple bruises as severe bruises alike. It’s also known for increasing blood flow to affected areas. Essential oils are an amazing tool to have in your library of natural remedies. As long as you choose the right oils and know how to apply them, you will always have great skin, a great mood, and an overall better lifestyle.

How to Use Essential Oils For Bruises

Make a compress or add a few drops to your favorite lotion Blue chamomile Essential Oil  Rose Geranium Essential Oil Lavender Essential Oil 
Essential Oils for Bruises Essential Oils for Bruises Essential Oils for Bruises
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